Partnerships and communities

Since the founding of We Foundation in 2015 we’ve been collaborating with a variety of organizations that promote social equity. Together we’re working to make social impact visible, measurable and comparable.
Kolmihenkinen perhe nauramassa yhdessä vehreän puiston reunalla. Me-säätiö tekee työtä lasten, nuorten ja perheiden yhdenvertaisuuden parantamiseksi – teknologian keinoin.
Lapset istumassa lattialla ja antamassa "ylävitoset"
Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do. We don’t award grants or fund individual projects, instead we aim to create and foster long-term partnerships. Our partners help us by using our technology and developing metrics for social impact assessment with us.

In 2020 our own community house Meltsi opened in the Mellunmäki suburb in Helsinki. Meltsi is an open community space for local children and their families run by a team of professionals. Meltsi is important to us as it is a place where we can learn how to use technology to improve the well-being of children and families.

From the very beginning Meltsi's operations have been planned based on data. In fact, our impact platform was originally created to support Meltsi's operations: to help in community management as well as to understand and verify the social impact of its operations.

We are constantly developing our technology with Meltsi's team and ensuring that the data we collect supports its operations. Meltsi is also the first hub to test a game project designed by our sister company Wondershop. The game, called Wonderworld, is a unique gaming experience that combines the magic of the digital and physical worlds into one.

Verified impacts of our journey

By organizing activities together with local communities we ensure that their needs for services and facilities are met.
Startup Refugees edustajat yhdessä pöydän ääressä. Startup Refugees edustajat yhdessä pöydän ääressä. Me-säätiö toimi rahoittajana, mikä oli mahdollistajana toiminnan kasvulle ja skaalautuvuudelle.
Startup Refugees
"The funding from We Foundation has played a key role in terms of growth and scaling of our operations. Together we have reached people that would otherwise have been deprived of support in terms of employment, skills development and entrepreneurship."  – Elisa Vepsäläinen
Lapsi iloisena leikkimässä kukkien sumutinpullolla
We House
"We wanted to do preventive work on social exclusion on the grassroot level and provide community support for various life situations. Currently we have five We -houses in operation, each reaching hundreds of active visitors every month."
Asemanlapset edustajat yhteiskuvassa. Asemanlapset ja Me-säätiö toteuttivat yhteishankkeen kiusaamista vastaan
Aseman lapset
"36 000 Finnish children get bullied in schools every week. Together with We Foundation we implemented the K-0 project, which specifically addresses serious cases of bullying. All of the cases we dealt with have been resolved."  – Heikki Turkka
Kolme nuorta bussipysäkillä
Maahanmuuttajanuorten Helsinki

"Project funding from We Foundation helped us in finding and implementing new ways and models of operation to support youth from immigrant backgrounds find education and employment opportunities."
– Irma Sippola
Kolme aikuista hymyilevät rivissä Me-koulussa. Me-säätiö toimi Me-koulu -hankkeen rahoittajana ja koordinaattorina
We School
”We Foundation financed and coordinated the We School -project. During the three-year project we reached thousands of students and were able to create models of operation for school days to help prevent social exclusion. Many of these models are still in use."