Data and impact tool Melvio

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Do you succeed in promoting equal opportunities for children, young people, and families?

With Melvio, you collect comparable reach and impact data directly from participants. Melvio is your colleague for agile data collection, data-driven management, reporting, and community management. Using the data collected according to a shared set of metrics, you are able to develop your operations, allocate resources, and make your valuable work visible.

Melvio is valuable for all organizations that promote social inclusion in their operations. We develop Melvio in close collaboration with partners that either run or fund activities for children, youth, and families: non-profit organizations, the public sector, and foundations.

The analysis is based on extensive research data. We aim to create a common set of metrics for all organizations working with children, young people, and families. At the core of the system is data privacy, and our own technology team takes care of the technical aspects of secure technology.

The system originated from a genuine need to understand the impact of our community house, Meltsi, on the well-being of the community and individuals in the Mellunmäki area of Helsinki.
Background and well-being data
Regular collection of background and well-being data based on a unified set of metrics.
Community management
Visitor tracking, communication, and community management.
Analyses and reports
Comprehensive reports on reaching visitors, demographics, visit frequency, and well-being experience.