Wonderhub Platform

A tool for making social impact visible, measurable and comparable.
Impact Platform___
The Wonderhub platform is a technical system for the collection of data on individual well-being. It is designed to meet the data collection needs of NGOs and public sector organizations working with children, youth and families.

Our analytics combine real-time subjective and quantitative data. Wonderhub is the first solution developed specifically for the third sector capable of both managing and measuring operations as well as enriching analysis with external data. Though developed for the third sector, it also caters to the data collection needs of public sector organizations as well as any other organization working with children.

Extensive research data has been used as the basis for the analysis. We aim to create a common set of metrics that all organizations working with children, youth and families can use.

The platform was inspired by a real need to understand the impact our community house Meltsi has on the well-being of the community and individuals in the Mellunmäki suburb of Helsinki. Currently we are developing the platform with our partners.
Community management___
Visitor tracking, communication and community management
Background and wellness data___
Regular collection of background and well-being data based on unified metrics
Analyses and reports___
Comprehensive reports on visitors, demography, frequency of visits and subjective data on well-being
Information security___
Digital privacy is at the heart of the Wonderhub platform. The safety of our technology is guaranteed by Wondershop Oy, a technology studio that we founded in 2020.