FC Meltsi awarded for its exceptional work by the UEFA Foundation for Children

FC Meltsi is one of the winners of the UEFA Foundation for Children Awards. The award recognizes charitable organizations for their outstanding contributions in supporting vulnerable and marginalized children through football.

FC Meltsi is a football club, founded by its players in Eastern Helsinki in 2020. The club aims to provide a long-term and meaningful hobby for everyone, irrespective of their skill level or background. FC Meltsi is operated by We Foundation.

The Football Association of Finland nominated FC Meltsi as Finland's candidate for UEFA Foundation's 2023 annual awards. The Foundation acknowledged FC Meltsi with the award, which honours significant projects that empower disadvantaged children and youth through football. The UEFA Foundation awarded a total of 23 European organizations this year, with a total of one million euros distributed among them.

FC Meltsi's goal is to enhance support for children in an underserved neighborhood characterized by social inequality. The club offers meaningful activities, a sense of belonging, and hope for the future to its players. Based on impact data, the football club has brought players together, improved their well-being, and fostered a sense of community in the area.

The news of receiving the award was joyfully celebrated on the field. "We are extremely happy about this recognition. All credit for the award goes to our FC Meltsi players, who originally founded the entire club. I couldn't be prouder!" says Mostafa, the head coach of FC Meltsi.

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